Calling Features

More Features than Buttons
Insight Phone 2.0 has the features you want - popular calling features, important safety features, and advanced online features – for a price you won't believe. With Insight, the Calling Features come standard. Even Voicemail and Long Distance are included in the low monthly rate. So use them all and be Master of Your Phone, or use your favorites to stay connected. Getting more phone without paying more – that's the value of Insight.

Incoming calls.
Caller ID, Call Waiting & Caller ID with Call Waiting notify you of incoming calls (even if you're on the phone) and show you who's on the other line.

Forwarding calls.
Call Forwarding & Selective Call Forwarding let you direct incoming calls to a phone number where you can be reached.

Three-Way calls.
Three-Way Calling lets you expand your conversation to two parties. You can even put one on-hold to speak privately, and then return to all three.

Busy numbers.
Repeat Dialing will keep trying a busy number for you, up to 30 minutes at a time. You'll be notified with a special ring when the call goes through.

Remote access.
If there's a change of plans (or just bad planning), use Remote Access to set up Call Forwarding and retrieve Voicemails while away.

Voicemail express.
Check your messages online with Voicemail Express. Automatically delivered to your email account, you can hear messages in the order that's important to you.

In an emergency, dial 911. Enhanced 911 will provide the emergency service with your telephone number and location, in case you're unable to.

Do No Disturb, Selective Call Rejection, Caller ID Blocking, and Toll Restriction let you decide which calls you want to receive.