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Watch in wonder.
HD transforms television watching into an experience. In high definition, movies move you, TV transports you, and sports pack a punch. The HD picture is bigger and sharper, and the sound is crystal-clear. Itís amazing, theater-quality viewing available right in your living room. Already have an HDTV? Make the most of it with Insightís HD channels & features.

Receive HD Today:
With the DVR record favorite shows plus pause and rewind live TV. You'll also get additional HD channels plus 1,000 HD On Demand choices each month.

Quality matters.
Great TV needs great channels, and Insight is working to bring you over 100 of the best HD channels. These won't be just any channels, but the most popular channels in HD, without filler or duplicates inflating the number. Get your favorites in sports, entertainment, movies, and premiums, then record or pause with HD/DVR. And watch hit HD movies & TV shows, anytime, with HD On Demand.

Most for free.
The best HD is, free! Insight gives you access to tons of HD channels with no extra programming fee. Itís simple, if you have a standard-definition channel and we offer it in HD, you get it in HD at no additional charge. And HD On Demandís built-in library has hundreds of free movies and shows from AMC, Bravo, Big Ten Network, National Geographic, USA and more.

HD in the 900s
Insightís HD Channels are grouped together in the program guide, so itís easy to find HD programming. Just enter 900 on your remote control and scroll through HD nirvana.

HD in the Quick Menu
Use Quick Menu to create an instant HD mini-guide. Just press the MENU button on your remote and select the HD icon. Youíll soon forget those non-HD channels ever existed.

HD On Demand
To find HD On Demand press 99 on your remote or hit the ON DEMAND button. Then select HD from the menu and enter your built-in HD library.

Movies On Demand
Bring the movie theater home with HD On Demand. Watch movies in high-definition, with no late fees and nothing to return. Choose from hundreds of titles each month. New releases often premiere the same day as DVD, even before Netflix! Movies On Demand 

Pay-Per-View Events & Premiums
More HD will also mean more PPV and Premium choices. Soon you can be even closer to the action with HD PPV Events, and find even more HD Channels available in premium subscriptions.

*Insight does not charge extra for HD versions of the standard definition channels included in your subscription.
A subscription to programming packages or premium networks is required for access to some channels and their HD counterparts.
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