Whether you have one TV or several in different rooms, Insight gives you a better viewing experience with its DVR service. Show your TV who's boss with our brilliant DVR - record and store the shows you choose, then play them exactly when you're ready. And, if you have TVs in multiple rooms, our advanced Multiroom DVR is even better and has the power to control them all. Start watching TV the way you want with Insight's DVR or Multiroom DVR and experience TV on your schedule.


Total control throughout the house.
If you have multiple TVs, don't limit your control to just one. Multiroom DVR has the power to connect them, and connect your home's TV experience. Now you can pause and replay live TV in every room. Set and manage recordings from multiple TVs, and play them back throughout the house - even start watching in one room and finish in another. And every connected TV receives HD programming, so you can watch and record in stunning high-definition. Multiple TVs don't need multiple DVRs. Get more with Multiroom DVR.

More to Watch.
Insight's Multiroom DVR can record up to 6 shows at once, so you never have to decide which to miss. And with 500 GB of storage (that's 95 hours of HD and 350 hours of standard definition), there's plenty of room for the whole house to save and re-watch their favorites. Recordings can even be watched on multiple TVs at the same time, but controlled separately. (Parents: You still maintain Parental Controls for each TV.) And My DVR makes it easy to manage all the recordings in one place. Share the ways you watch, without having to share what you watch, with Multiroom DVR. See how our Multiroom DVR gives you more ways to watch.


Control Live TV.
Life's full of interruptions. But don't let a phone call spoil the moment. DVR turns your remote into a magic wand, powerful enough to control even live TV. Need a break? Just push PAUSE and what you're watching will wait for you. Or REWIND and catch what you missed. Multiply your powers of control with Insight's Multiroom DVR, and be able to pause and replay live TV throughout the house.

Video Library.
With DVR, you can create a personal library of movies and TV shows, even record a whole season, and watch when you're ready. Multi-viewers can expand their collection with Multiroom DVR. Its whopping 500 GB of storage (that's 95 hours of HD and 350 hours of SD) means the whole house can have a playlist. And recordings can be managed and shared with multiple TVs, even started in one room and finished in another. Just push My DVR and check out what's on.

Insight's DVR has advanced features, but is still easy to use. Your digital Remote Control buttons are all you need to schedule and watch recorded shows, and control live TV.

See something you don't want to miss? Magical RECORD captures it to watch when you're ready.

The all-powerful PAUSE button has the ability to stop time. Use it to pause live TV and never miss a moment.

Don't choose between your favorite shows. Watch one while recording another. Never miss a thing.

The Rewind button has your back – making sure you never miss a thing. Catch every jab, ingredient, and clue.

The Fast-Forward button can travel forward in time, jumping recordings ahead to your favorite scenes.

The MY DVR button is the shortcut to your Video Library. See all your recorded shows in one handy spot.