Billing Statement

What change will happen to my bill beginning November 2012?

Beginning in November 2012, your bill due date will change. This will result in a more current statement to you and more accurately reflect any service changes and payments made during the month. Unless you make additions or deletions to your service prior to the change, the amount on your statement will not change. We currently mail your billing statement approximately 5 days prior to the start of your service period (your service period is shown under the Monthly Charges section in the Account Detail section).

Effective for service periods beginning November 1, 2012 and going forward, we will create your billing statement on the first day of your service period.

What is the time period for the due date change?

  • When we change your statement date, your due date will also change. You should expect your November statement to arrive approximately 5-7 days later than you normally receive it. Your new due date will be 18 days from the beginning of your service period.

Will the total amount due on my statement change?

  • The total amount due on your statement will not change. You will only see a change in your amount due if you have made recent service changes, have Pay-Per-View charges, or are in a campaign that ended and has an associated rate change.

What if I pay my bill online or through another payment program?

  • Please note if you participate in our Online Bill Pay automatic payment service, the date your payment is deducted will be delayed approximately 5-7 days from what you are accustomed to in the past. You may wish to review your account by clicking on If you use a payment program other than, we recommend you check to ensure that your payment is being sent at the appropriate time.



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