FAQ - Mini Box

The Mini Box remote control isn't working right. I can't control my TV.

Verify that you've programmed the remote control for your TV using the steps and codes included in the Mini Box Remote Guide below. Verify that your batteries are working; replace if necessary.

Programming the new remote

input This is the easiest method for programming your remote control to operate the volume and power on your TV and to change channels.

In this next section, you will use the remote to automatically fi nd the right code for your TV.

Keys to successfully programming your remote:

Read all instructions carefully before starting.

Pay attention to the red light on the remote after each step. You'll need to watch for blinks in order to tell if you have completed a step correctly.

Be patient. It may take a few tries to get this right.

Step 4 is critical. Remember to press and release Ch+ many times but do it slowly and pay attention. As soon as the TV turns off , you’ll only have 5 seconds to press the SET key to lock in the code.

Step 1

Turn on your TV using the buttons on the TV or the TV remote and tune the TV to the proper channel (Ch 3 or Ch 4).

Note: Your TV must always be set to the proper channel (Ch 3 or Ch 4) to match the output channel on the back of your Mini Box.

Step 2

Install the batteries (included in your kit) in your new Insight remote control.

Press and hold the "Set" button until the red light blinks once, pauses, then blinks TWICE.

NOTE: Keep your eyes on the remote so you can watch the red light.

Step 3

Enter 9-9-1. The red light on the remote will blink twice if entered correctly.

Step 4 

Point the remote at the TV and slowly press and release "CH+" one or more times until the TV turns off.

With the TV still off, press "Set" within 5 seconds to lock in the code. The red light on the remote will blink twice.

Keys to successfully programming your remote:

Carefully read all parts of step 4 before attempting.

Take your time and hit Ch+ key slowly.

If you hit Ch+ one too many times after your TV turns off, you'll need to start the process over.

Be ready. You must press the SET key within 5 seconds of the TV turning off to lock in the code.

Don’t give up. You may have to press the CH+ button many, many times.

Step 5 

Press the “power” button to turn on your TV.

If your TV comes on, then you have successfully programmed your remote!



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