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What are the blackout rules for ESPN GamePlan games?

There are two main components to the ESPN GamePlan college football subscription. The first part includes the ABC Sports regionally televised games shown simultaneously, and the second part includes regionally syndicated games from top NCAA Division I conferences shown in various markets around the country. ESPN GamePlan is subject to blackouts for those games in your designated region. As ABC Sports simultaneously broadcasts several games to different regions of the country, ESPN GamePlan subscribers will see one game each week on their local ABC station instead of as part of the subscription. As a result, if you are an ESPN GamePlan subscriber, the game(s) shown on the ABC affiliate within the local market will be blacked out. The same may apply to some regionally syndicated games. ESPN GamePlan subscribers may receive some games via local TV stations. Those games may also be available in the subscription or, in limited situations, could be available only via the local station and not be duplicated in the subscription.



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