FAQ - Digital Cable

Programming your Remote for your TV (Custom 3 Device)

1. Click on the arrow below to find and highlight your TV manufacturer from the pull-down menu.

2. On the remote control, press the device key (i.e. TV, VCR or AUX) once. Press and hold SETUP until the selected mode key blinks twice, then release.

3. Now enter the four-digit code listed below:

Many devices have more than one code listed. For these, start with the first code. If that doesn't work, try the second and so on.

The TV's indicator should flash twice. If it doesn't, press TV as described above and try again with the next code. For example, if you have a JVC model, press TV, then hold SETUP until the TV indicator light flashes twice, then press 0-0-5-3.

4. After you have entered the correct code, point the remote at your TV and press POWER. If your TV turns on or off, you are finished programming for your TV.

If you have tried all the codes listed for your TV and it still does not turn on or off, click here.



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