New Features of the new Insight Mail

The following are new features of Insight Mail:
  • The Preference tab now opens your Preferences folders in the Navigation pane.

  • Two new folders are added to your Preferences
    • Sharing. The Sharing folder lets you manage all your shared folders from one place. Users see a list of folders shared with them and folders they share with others and they can revoke, edit and share folders all from Sharing.
  • Mail Filters now lets you run filter rules over existing sets of mail. You select the filters to run against existing mail and click Run Filter..

  • Mandatory spell check of mail messages can be enabled. When this is enabled, before you send an email message, if there are spelling errors, you are asked if you want to fix the errors before sending. This is set in the Preferences Composing folder.
  • Return Read Receipt is now available. When you compose an email message, you can flag the message for a return read receipt. You can mange whether to send a return receipt when a message is requesting a read receipt. The default is to never send a return read receipt. This is set up in the Preferences Mail folder.
  • Composing a message and opening a single message now opens a new tab. Multiple compose tabs can be open and you can move between these tabs.

  • Viewing a message in a separate window now includes all the read mail features, including reply, forward, print, tag, delete, etc.
  • Junk Mail Options. You can identify specific addresses you want to block from your mailbox and you want to allow in your mailbox. This is set in the Preferences Mail folder.
  • Calendar enhancements:
    • New List view in Calendar. You can see all appointments over a two week period, and select multiple appointments to act upon at once. This is set in the Preferences Calendar folder.

    • Fish-eye Calendar View is now available from the Calendar month view. When you click on a date in the month view, the focus changes to that day so you can see a detailed view of the day.

    • You can configure your Calendar Permissions to specify a list of people who are the only ones you want to receive invites from. This is set in the Preferences Calendar folder.
    • You can configure whether new appointments are added to your calendar automatically before you reply to the invite or added only when you select Accept or Tentative. This is set in the Preferences Calendar folder.
    • You can set the default Public/Private status for all appointments on your Calendar. If you set the default to Private, all incoming calendar invites are marked as private on your calendar. If your default is Public and you receive an invite that is marked private by the organizer, the appointment is marked as private on your calendar. This is set in the Preferences Calendar folder.
    • When you delete a series of recurring meetings, you can select whether to cancel the entire series, removing all reference to the meetings from your calendar or cancel only the selected instance and every meeting after, leaving past meetings on your calendar.

    • An option on the Appointment Details page, lets you disable Send Notification Mail so that attendees do not receive an email update about changes you make to the meeting details, such as adding meeting notes the changing a resource.

    • You can edit a meeting that you are invited to including changing the time that you will attend to adding notes. This information is not sent to the other attendees.
    • iCal calendars are updated periodically according to the remote calendar polling interval set by the system administrator.
  • You can choose to view your mailbox in a three-pane vertical view, with the Reading Pane on the right. This view option is enabled from the View link on the mail toolbar.

  • Task enhancements include:
    • Up and down arrows can be used while navigating to/from new tasks lists.
    • The entire task list can be printed.
    • Sort tasks by status.
  • Improvements were made to printing messages, address book tasks, and calendars. For email messages a Font size link on the message to be printed lets you increase or decrease the size of the text before you print.

  • More keyboard shortcut are available and you can print out a list of shortcuts keys. Entering Ctrl + Q pops up a list of shortcuts that are available including your customer shortcuts. Click any key to close the page.



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