Create Additional E-mail Identities

Outlook Express supports multiple users, with multiple e-mail addresses. If two or more people are using Outlook Express on one computer, you can create identities in Outlook Express to keep each person's e-mails separated. This allows for privacy, as well as the ability to keep different users' e-mails from getting mixed up in one mailbox.

1. Make sure that you have created an e-mail account in Member Services. The e-mail account must be created before Outlook Express can be configured to check the new account.

2. Click on the Outlook Express icon on the desktop, or click each of the following sequence: Start, Programs, Outlook Express. This starts the Outlook Express E-mail program, as shown below:

3. Click Outlook Express in the left window. Click the yellow Identities word (which is located on the right side near the middle of the main Outlook Express window). This brings up a drop-down box. Click Add New Identity.

4. Create a new identity in Outlook Express in field titled Type your name. This will differentiate the different users in OE. If one user wishes to keep an OE account private from other users of this computer, they can check the Require a password box, which will prompt the selection of a password; confirm it by typing it again, and click OK. Whether a password has been used or not, click the OK box at the bottom to continue.

5. Once you have created a new identity, you will be asked if you want to switch to the new identity that was just created. Click Yes.

6. If a pop up box appears, and asks whether you wish to make Outlook Express your default mail client, click Yes.

7. You will be taken through the Internet Connection Wizard to create the e-mail account inside the identity. In the Display name field, type in a complete name, first name, or nickname. This will be displayed in your outgoing e-mails. Make a selection, and then click Next to continue.

8. Type in the e-mail address that was chosen in Member Services. Click Next at the bottom of the screen to continue.

9. Make sure that the incoming mail server is a POP3 server in the drop-down box, and in the Incoming mail server and Outgoing mail server fields, type mail.insightbb.com. Click Next at the bottom to continue to the next screen.

10. In the Account name field, make sure that the username (the name before the @insightbb.com in the e-mail address) is entered. In the Password field, enter in the password you selected when creating your e-mail account. Make sure that the Remember password check box has a checkmark in it. Click Next to continue to the next screen.

11. Click the Finish button at the bottom of the screen.

12. A pop-up box may come up that is titled Import Messages and Address Book. The reason that this appears is that Outlook Express has determined that there has been another e-mail account previously being accessed with this program. You now have the ability to transfer old e-mail messages, as well as an Address book.

If you DO NOT wish to import old e-mail information, chose the box titled Do not import at this time. It is recommended that you import your old e-mails and addresses to the new account.

13. To import the old e-mail account mail and addresses, select Import from (this will automatically be picked), and make sure that Microsoft Exchange, or Outlook, or Windows Messaging is selected. Click Next to continue.

14. You will be presented with a choice of what to import at this time. It is recommended that you choose Messages and Address Book, but you can choose Messages only or Address Book only if desired. Click Next to continue.

15. The Import program will find all the e-mail folders from the old e-mail client, and ask which files you wish to import. It is recommended that you choose All folders, but you can select specific ones if you choose. You must make a selection, and click Next to continue.

16. After a successful migration of data, the Import program will confirm a successful transfer of information. Click Finish to exit the Import Wizard. Once exited, you are returned to the main Outlook Express screen, and will be able to send and receive e-mail.

REMEMBER: The e-mail account must be created in Member Services first. If an e-mail account has NOT been created on the mail server FIRST, your e-mail account in Outlook Express will not work.

Insight Broadband only provides support for Outlook Express and Webmail. For assistance with other e-mail applications, please consult their Websites for support.



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