Create Remote E-Mail Access Using Secure Authentication Settings

Should you ever want to check your Insight Broadband e-mail account from another computer (when traveling, at work, etc.), you will need to know the proper way to set up an e-mail account AND configure it so you can access your e-mail remotely and securely.

The following steps should be used only on computers that are NOT connected to a cable modem using Insight Broadband.

1. Click on the Outlook Express icon on the desktop, or click each of these choices in the following sequence: Start, Programs, Outlook Express. This starts the Outlook Express E-mail program, as shown below:

2. Click Tools, and then click Accounts in the drop-down menu that appears.

3. Click the Mail tab. Highlight the mail account by clicking it, and then click the Properties button on the right side of the screen, as shown below:

4. The General tab automatically displays. Verify the following entries:

· Name: A name must be displayed here which will be shown in outgoing e-mails.

· E-mail address: Enter the complete e-mail address here (example: username@insightbb.com).

5. Click the Servers tab. Make sure that the following fields have these entries:

· Incoming mail (POP3): mail.insightbb.com

· Outgoing mail (SMTP): mail.insightbb.com

· Account name: username (the name before the @insightbb.com)

· Password: ****** (this shows up as asterisks after a password is entered)

· Remember password: (make sure it's checked)

· My server requires authentication: (make sure it's checked)

6. When the My server requires authentication box is checked, the Settings box will activate. Click Settings, and make sure that the full e-mail address is listed (example: username@insightbb.com). By entering just the username, access will fail.

7. Click the Advanced tab at the top. Place a check in both white boxes next to each group of text that says This server requires a secure connection (SSL). The Outgoing mail (SMTP): field should be filled in with 465. The Incoming mail (POP3): field should be filled in with 995.

8. Select the checkbox next to Leave a copy of messages on server ONLY if this account is used on a computer that is not your primary computer. This will allow you to receive the same e-mails on your primary computer later.

9. Click Apply, and then click OK to close the Properties window.

10. Click Close to close out of the Internet Accounts window.

11. Click Send/Recv to access this mail account remotely.

Insight Broadband only provides support for Outlook Express and Webmail. For assistance with other e-mail applications, please consult their Websites for support.



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