Cable Modems

Supported Cable Modems

Insight Broadband is DOCSIS certified, which means that any DOCSIS Cable Labs approved cable broadband modem should work with our high-speed Internet service. Cable modems are provided by third party vendors, and while all DOCSIS certified modems should work with our service, we cannot guarantee that all features will be supported and/or that future updates will not be required.

The following modems have been tested and certified to work with the Insight Broadband service:




Retail Versions SB6120, SB6121, SB6141, SB6580


DCM425, DCM475

Cable modems that are designed to work partially with the telephone system (known as "telco return" modems) will NOT work on the Insight Broadband network.

If you are interested in using a cable modem that is not included in the list above, please contact your local Insight Broadband Customer Care office for more information.



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